I Am Alive Headed to PC Next Month

Ubisoft’s long in-development title, I Am Alive, was met with mixed reaction when released five months ago on Xbox Live Arcade. Some gamers enjoyed the story and survival mechanics, while others criticized the frustrating controls and poor platforming. I Am Alive is far from dead, though, as Ubisoft has revealed today that the game will be heading to the PC platform on September 13th.

This won’t be direct port as the game will have upgraded visuals for more capable computers and include two new modes. These include an easy difficulty, which will grant you infinite retries, and the ability to replay previous levels. Anyone who is willing to shell out $15 for a pre-order at UbiShop will get a nice incentive of Outerlight’s 2010 first-person shooter, Bloody Good Time. Otherwise, expect I Am Alive to hit virtually every PC digital retailer in three week’s time.