Persona 4 Goes Gold..en Edition

Those who need a bunch of trinkets included with their game to solidify a purchase are in luck, as Atlus has just announced a limited edition for Persona 4 Golden. Dubbed “Persona 4 Golden Solid Gold Premium Edition” (that’s two “golds” and one “premium” for those keeping score), it includes the game (yes, really) along with a Persona 4 branded Hori Hard Pouch, Face Cover and Protective Skin. With a Vita completely decked out in Persona-branding, no one will ever doubt your love of the franchise again.

While the “Solid Gold Premium Edition” includes nothing gold-related, it does come at a premium; retailing for $69.99. Pre-orders haven’t popped up, but make sure to be ready when they do as THIS OFFER ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT LAST. 

So long as 10,000 people actually buy this.