Uncharted Film Gains ‘National Treasure’ Writers, Loses Dignity.

In development for nearly five years, many began questioning if the Uncharted film adaption would suffer a similar fate to the Bioshock or Halo adaptions. After over a year of silence, news broke today of the project gaining writers, but losing its director.

Neil Burger, who has proven himself capable helming both The Illusionist and Limitmess, is no longer attached to the film. While the project loses talent, it gains the writers of National Treasure. You read that right, Marianne & Cormac Wibberley, the scribes of the sanitized, family-friendly Nick Cage adventure series will now be taking on Uncharted.

To be fair, National Treasure isn’t the only thing they’ve written; they were also responsible for both G-Force and The Shaggy Dog.

That, my friends, is talent.