The Violently Cute Free-to-Play XBLA Game

Very quietly revealed at E3 this year, Microsoft Studios and Toylogic’s upcoming free-to-play game, Happy Wars, is an incredibly chaotic team-based online multiplayer title where you do battle with up to thirty individuals. Play as three different classes tasked with their own specific roles: warriors get up close and personal with their blades, clerics assist teammates in any way possible and mages have the ability to summon meteorites from the sky or conjure a tornado to rip apart their opponents.

Everything is based on how you spec your character as you’re able to equip him or her with different weapons and armor that you find after a long hard battle. Happy Wars will be completely free-to-play for anyone who owns an Xbox Live Gold account and will be released sometime in the next three months. In the mean time though, check out this newly produced trailer detailing some of the features Happy Wars holds.