Take a Tour of Rook Islands in Far Cry 3

The highly anticipated new installment into the Far Cry universe is still three months away, but you may as well pick up a survival guide before venturing into unexplored territory. Ubisoft has released a video detailing and displaying all the types of “activities” and people you will encounter through your time with Far Cry 3. Rock climbing, exploring tombs, meeting the deadly residents, hang gliding and escaping from burning buildings, all traditional tourist attractions when visiting the beautiful islands of Rook.

Surviving your time on Rook Islands isn’t a cake walk as Far Cry 3 is filled with nasty traps and gunman just waiting to kill you. It doesn’t help that the world is also populated with deadly creatures ready to pounce on their next meal. This open world adventure looks to revitalize the franchise by bringing it back to its roots with luscious and interactive environments.