Microsoft Offers Up New Kinect 360 Bundle for $300

Microsoft has a new 360 bundle available on their store that, unlike the Essentials Pack, offers up a pretty good value – especially if you absolutely MUST have the Kinect. For $300 (and not the ridiculously-specific $473.92, you get a 4GB 360 with a Kinect sensor, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports: Season Two, 12 Months of Xox Live Gold, a Media Remote, an HDMI cable (maybe that’s where the stray $3.92 came from in their suggested price), and a 3 month subscription to Hulu Plus that’s good for both new and current members.

MS seems aware that people will criticize this for not really giving you much space, so on that same page, they make sure to let you know that for $100 more, you can get the 250 GB model instead. Honestly, it’s a better overall value at $400 than $300 given how much you have to sacrifice to stick with only having 4GB of storage available, although if you’re just buying the system for a kid, 4GB will probably be fine.