Kevin Butler Is a Fraud

After a string of god-awful PlayStation commercials, Sony (or Sony’s ad agency) finally snagged a winner with their campaign featuring Kevin Butler. Although frequently shifted around at Sony, Kevin showing off the latest product the brand had to offer was always good for a chuckle. It was refreshing to see a company finding success using one of its own employees for adverts. After a shocking new Bridgestone commercial, however, it’s become clear that Kevin is not the of VP of Add More Awesome at all, but a paid actor.

In the ad seen below, Kevin portrays a Bridgestone performance tester trying out the Nintendo Wii, given away for free with a set of tires. As there’s no way Sony would let their Chief Weaponologist be in a commercial for a rival tire company, the only possibility is that Kevin Butler was not the VP of First Person Shooter Relations, but a paid actor all along.

For shame, Sony. For shame.