Arcade Game ‘Dark Escape 4D’ to feature Heart Rate Monitor, 3D Glasses.

What’s better than a 3D arcade game? Why, a 4D arcade game of course. Namco Bandai are planning just that with Dark Escape 4D, the latest arcade experience to hit the U.S. shores. It’s already neat that the game is in 3D with the help of glasses (not clear if they are poloriazed or active shutter), but Namco is taking it a step further by adding a fourth dimension. Not only will ghouls pop out at you, but your heart rate will be constantly monitored with sensors built into the mounted guns. Dubbed the “Real-time Panic Detection System”, each “panic attack” is monitored and translated into the game. To top it all off, the seats will vibrate, air blowers are installed above the screen, and seven speakers are built into the cab.

Namco Bandai stated they hope for every Dave & Busters to feature Dark Escape 4D, so grab your Power Card, because if you are looking for a better steak in an arcade setting — you’re $#!* out of luck.