Full Schedule for Xbox Live Indie Games Uprising Announced

The Indie Games section of the Xbox Live Marketplace may be slightly more prominent than it was before, but it’s still home to a ton of shovelware. Thankfully, the annual Indie Games Uprising is almost upon us, and looks to give players value and variety. Starting Monday and continuing through the following Thursday, every weekday will see something new. The order of releases is this: qrth-phyl, Sentenia, Diehard Dungeon, Gateways, and Smooth Operators for the first week, with Entropy, City Tuesday, XenoMiner, and Pixel coming out in week two. In that list, you’ve got a 3D “snake” game, some puzzle platformers, a dungeon crawler, a call center sim, an FPS/Sandbox hybrid and a 3D puzzler. With many XBLIG games priced at a dollar, this looks like an easy way to rack up a lot of well-crafted experimental games for very little money.