Can Farmville 2 Save Zynga?

Zynga is crossing their fingers that the cash crops from Farmville 2 will help them survive this upcoming winter. The great social media developer needs the sequel to the ever popular Farmville to succeed as a giant question mark looms over the company’s future.

Farmville 2 isn’t simply a high profile social media game sequel. The game, launched last Wednesday, has added pressure that should prove interesting in the upcoming months. Zynga — known for popular games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and Zynga Poker — is in desperate need of some good publicity.

Many hardcore gamers are already familiar with EA’s lawsuit against Zynga regarding the uncomfortable similarities between EA’s The Sims and Zynga’s The Ville (titles being case in point). While the verdict is still up in the air, Zynga’s stock has been crashing into the ground. In July, Forbes magazine reported a 39% drop in Zynga’s stock. One of the biggest questions was whether or not Zuckerberg would allow Zynga to continue its business on Facebook after such a decline. Shareholders are well aware of Zynga’s likelihood of success without Facebook as its platform. Slim to none.

It truly isn’t fair that so much can be riding on such a little game, but Farmville 2 has a lot of ground to till before Zynga is in the clear.