North American PS+ Pales in Comparison to Europe

Playstation Plus continues to give gamers more value for your dollar as the service will cycle through new games tomorrow. Following up on Blood Rayne: Betrayal and Outland, subscribers will be granted free copies of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, thoughtfully promoting their upcoming online cooperative modes, and the brand new Double Dragon: Neon from WayForward Tech and Majesco.

While these are two great additions, it’s starting to seem our cycle of new games is a step behind other countries. While North Americans play Scott Pilgrim and Double Dragon: Neon, our friends across the Atlantic will be enjoying the award-winning Red Dead: Redemption and the charismatic Machinarium. This has been going on well before September as European accounts not only received most of the games we already have, plus some, but Dead Space 2 and Deus Ex Human Revolution just months prior. There seems to be a lack of full retail games in our slots that are substituted with smaller downloadable titles.While we did get Borderlands recently, the North American service shouldn’t be a shadow of the European PS+.

But then again who am I to argue with “free” games?