Purchase Pokemon Black/White Version 2 Early, Get a Genesect.

Were you banking on receiving Pokémon Black/White Version 2 for Christmas? You’re screwed kid, because Nintendo is rewarding early purchasers of the game with a brand new Pokémon named Genesect. Those who buy the game before November 12th and go online via Nitnendo Wi-Fi will receive the mythical Pokémon Genesect absolutely free.

Recently restored from a 300-year old fossill and modified by Team Plasma, Genesect is the only  Pokemon with the movie “Techno Blast”. A Bug/Steel type Pokémon, he also has the ability to adjust his power level based on the enemy encountered.

Let that be a lesson to you; a real man buys his own Pokémon.

  • RHF

    Kind of lame we can’t have it for our first versions of Black and White, since we already got Keldeo.

    I wasn’t really all that interested in Black and white 2, but I GUESS I’d have to get it since I like this guy

  • With a 4x weakness to fire, I get take this guy down.