Kickstarter Kinda Hands-On: Pro Pinball’s Big Race USA Freebie

Way back in the day, Pro Pinball was one of the best of the PC pinball series out there.  The Web, Big Race USA, TimeShock!, and Fantastic Journey all had varying ranges of popularity, and 3/4 of the series got released on Dreamcast as Pro Pinball Trilogy.  And then… nothing.  The series just stopped.

Nowadays we’ve got Zen Pinball/Pinball FX and The Pinball Arcade, each doing their own thing, but there’s plenty of room for more.  After much negotiation, Silverball Studios got the all the rights to the Pro Pinball series back and have launched a Kickstarter to develop a new table with designer Pat Lawlor.  Mr Lawlor designed both The Addams Family and Twilight Zone pinball tables, so having him return to create something new should be big, exciting news for anyone who’s ever batted a ball around a brightly-lit playfield.

A week after starting, though, and the $400,000 goal was looking more than a little distant.  What do you do about that?  How about offer the original version of Big Race USA for free to anyone visiting the main page, and TimeShock! plus Fantastic Journey to anyone who donates $2.00 when the Kickstarter successfully meets its goal?  As plans to generate excitement go, that’s more than a little excellent.

So don’t take my word that Big Race USA is a fun little table, head on over there yourself and check it out.  If you like it, $2 gets another two games (PC-only) of similar or better quality, and $15 earns a brand-new Pat Lawlor-designed digital pinball table for PC/Mac/iOS/XBLA, with more options to choose from on the way.  Silverball Studios still has plenty of time to reach their goal, far off as it may seem at the time of this writing, and with any luck this offer will go a long way to help them see a successful conclusion to their Kickstarter.