Monster Hunter Film in the Works

Rumor has it Paul W.S. Anderson (the man behind the Resident Evil movies) is considering making a movie based off another Capcom property, Monster Hunter. Considering how far off base the Resident Evil movies were to the games, should we expect the same treatment with something like this? Will it ditch the open world expect and make it just another Dragon wars?

Now, Anderson isn’t as bad of a director as Uwe bowl, or as infamous, but Anderson could at least try to make this one have a story in some relation to the games, instead of just taking the name and characters and making up his own thing, even his own character that gets away with more then she should.

The guy did make the decent Mortal Kombat movie, which has held up by video game movie fans pretty well. Then again, he also made the DOA movie, and does anyone remember that one?

Nothing’s been green-lit yet and probably won’t be for a while. After all, Anderson is still trying to get the Castlevania movie up and running first before getting this project off the ground.