Neo-Geo X Standalone System to be Sold for $130

While the combo system/joystick/charging station version will go for $200 on December 6th, another option will be made available. Those who don’t wish to drop two hundreds bucks can get their portable Neo-Geo fix, HDMI-out for TV playback, set of pre-loaded games and expandable storage for side-loading games for $70 less. It might not seem like a huge difference given that $70 does get you a lot of stuff, but if you’re not interested in having an arcade-quality stick, why pay for it? I can easily see this option being something I consider after some reviews are in on the device. If the build quality is good and it isn’t a serious pain to get games on it, then $130 is a relatively good value – especially given how poorly the SNK Arcade Classics release was for the PSP.