New IndieFort Bundle Launches

Unlike their past ones, the newest IndieFort bundle is based around the Build a Bundle model where you pick X amount of games out of a list to create something. $4 gets you three games, $7 gets you six, and $9 lets you choose nine games out of a massive list.The master list of games includes 3079, Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, AirBuccanners HD, Project Black Sun, Star Prospector, Black Market, Telepath RPG, Survivors of Ragnarok, Blue Libra, Cardinal Quest, Devil Whiskey, Sentinel 3, Dark Scavenger, Cell: Emergence, A Sirius Game, Orbitron: Revolution, DEMISE: Ascension, Hacker Evolution Duality, Influence, Girl with a Heart of, Three Dead Zed, Shepherd Slaughter, Will Fight For Food and Zombie Football Carnage.

It’s interesting to see some new games available in a bundle, although none of these games really cries out “BUY ME” to me.