Vita Hooks Let’s Fish

The Vita is in need of a big release and Let’s Fish! Hooked On is…well, a fishing game. But still, one aspect of Vita’s appeal is the quirky Japanese games it is home to like Hot Shots Golf! and Gravity Rush, so having one more couldn’t hurt.

Harkening back to the Dreamcast days of fishing games, Let’s Fish! (O.K.!) actually looks pretty neat. Originally released in Japan as “Let’s Try Bass Fishing” (now I understand the simplified name), the game is said to combine arcade-style gameplay with realistic fishing action. Players can choose between four characters, each who boast unique abilities. Four game modes are included: Training, Underwater Mode, Challenge and Story Mode. The Story Mode is certainly the main draw, said to offer a full “character-driven” plot. Not bad for a fishing game.

With nine different fish, 240 lures and 11 stages, Let’s Fish! could be a fun diversion when released digitally this fall. A retail verison is likely, but not concrete.