Metal Gear Rising Gets Canned for 360 in Japan

One of Konami and Platinum Games’ biggest titles of early next year has been cancelled for the Xbox 360. Fortunately, if you live outside Japan you will not be affected as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will still be released for both platforms day-and-date. No reason was given for the cancellation from Konami’s announcement, but I expect it has something to do with poor Xbox 360 sales and lack of a significant install base in Japan, because Platinum Games has been known for their hard work on Microsoft’s console.

The Xbox 360’s life n Japan has not been going great as of late (or since it launched, for that matter). If you look at Persona 4 Arena, according to Media Create, the Playstation 3 version sold a whopping 128,485 copies in the first week while the Xbox 360 counterpart was only able to muster up 9,801 copies. This has been going on for quite some time, especially since the Xbox 360 has dropped below 1,000 systems sold each week for the past three months.