Name Your Price for the Double Dragon: Neon Soundtrack

If you’re one of the many who downloaded Double Dragon: Neon for free on PSN yesterday and also can’t get Mission 2’s super-catchy music out of your head, you’ll want to click on this link. Doing so will allow you to download the 45 track OST for any price you want (including $0) and allow you to groove to some wacky ’80s-riffic tunes while doing whatever. You could listen to it while playing the game…which is a bit redundant, or decide to relive songs heard while battling leg warmer-clad dominatrixes while going for a nice, relaxing walk. Either way, if you love the game, this is the OST for you. And after you’ve done that, maybe watch some Miami Vice on Hulu to keep the ’80s love alive.