New Wreck-it Ralph Trailer Showcases More Cameos

You’ve probably heard that Disney’s latest not-from-Pixar animated film, Wreck-it Ralph, is going to tackle the not-so-taboo subject of video games. Instead of adapting an existing game, Wreck-it Ralph will feature a video game that Disney pulled out of thin air. The story is about a man named Ralph who’s grows tired of being seen as a “Bad Guy” by his peers even though that’s his job. To find his true calling, he starts jumping between games, and with it we get to see the insides of a video game world, circa 1990s/80s, with cameos from some of our favorite characters.

Besides the already-revealed cameos of Zanqief, Eggman, Bowser, Clyde from Pacman, the latest trailer shows Frogger, Dig Dug and even Sonic the Hedgehog, who reportedly does a speech about how game characters who leave their game risk dying for good.

The movie stars the voices John C. Riley, Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman among others.

Catch Wreck-it Ralph in a theater near you November 2nd.

Here’s the trailer: