Smorgasbord of new Wii U Game Trailers!

Along with the announcement of the Wii U’s release date, price, and even the news of Bayonetta 2, came new trailers for upcoming titles. We’ve collected them all in one easy-to-reference article.

First up is a montage or “Shizzle reel” of Wii U’s lineup

What stood out the most was seeing Runner2: Future Legend of Alien Rhythm, sequel to Bit. Trip Runner from Gaijin games. It’s great to see as the Bit. Trip series started on Wii, and will now continue on Wii U.

New Super Mario Bros U (Release date: November 18th)

Spoiler alert! Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser! The first launch title trailer showcases more of the Gamepad’s influence on the game, where you can make blocks to either help or impede your partner’s plans. It certainly looks useful for those that like to speed-run through games.

Whether it’s speed-running through a level without taking a hit or bouncing off Koopa shells while wearing the new Flying Squirrel suit, the new “Challenge Mode” gives players a series of goals to pull off. For those who find Mario’s levels lacking in speed, “Boost Mode” will speed up the game. Rounding out the action was a look at the Yoshis in action, both baby and full grown adult.

ZombiU (Release date: November 18th)

When games like Dead Space and Resident Evil go for blood-pumping action over pants-wetting scares, do you feel survival horror has taken a turn for the worse? Then you’ll be happy to know Ubisoft is making a zombie survival game featuring a lone average joe just doing his best to survive in a zombie-infested London.

The trailer shows off a lot of the stuff the Gamepad uses during gameplay, whether it’s hacking through security doors, or looking through your inventory. New aspects featured include using the Gamepad while using a turret gun, a sniper scope, weapon upgrades and map navigation.

Certainly one of Wii U’s games I’m most excited for, along with…

The Wonderful 101 (Release date: TBD)

Originally titled Project P-100, The Wonderful 101 comes to us from the creators of Bayonetta, Platinum Games. and looks to be a mix of Pikmin and Little King’s story. Players take the role of a group of super heroes who need help to save the world, so gather ordinary citizens and magically transform them into super heroes of their own. Didn’t know what was a power, did you? It looks completely over the top in all the right ways. While it won’t be a launch title, Platinum is certain to make it worth the wait; along with Bayonetta 2.

Warriors OROCHI 3 HYPER (Release date: Holiday 2012)

The latest in Tecmo Koei’s both beloved and despised series, Warriors OROCHI 3 HYPER boasts over 130 characters, including Ayana, Rachael and Ryu Hayabusa from Dead of Alive and Ninja Gaiden, along with other characters from other series. A staple of the series, co-op is handled by using the Gamepad and Wii U pro controller on the same TV. Rounding out the game is “Duel Mode”, which uses cards instead of deadly weapons to battle

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (Release date: TBD)

Razor’s Edge hopes to attract those who found the original lackluster, by bringing back its signature over the top gore and good old decapitation. If that’s not enough, Ayana even gets her own story and levels to kill people in. There will be more weapons, like the Bo staff and dual wielding Katanas, to use against improved AI and new enemies. Also returning is the ability to upgrade weapons like in the first game.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Release date: TBD)

Rounding things out is a trailer for Tekken Tag 2. As this will be its Tokyo Game Show trailer, unfortunately it’s in Japanese, making it hard to report on what it features exclusively on the Wii U, other then mushroom power up items that can come onto the field, invincibility stars, and poison mushrooms that can shrink you or your opponent.

Interesting to note is the inclusion of Mario bros outfits, along with outfits of Link, Bowser, Zero Suit Samus, Princess Zelda, Ganondorf, and Fox McCloud.