Get Joe Danger 2: The Movie for Free with Raptr

If you loved the original Joe Danger on either PSN or XBLA, you’ll find this interesting. Raptr‘s giving away copies of Joe Danger 2 if you agree to sign up for their site, login through Facebook, and sync your Xbox Live, PSN, or Steam accounts with them. You can also download their desktop app that allows you to boost your ranking to ‘Experienced’ without having to have a high achievement count. There are a variety of eligible games, and if you’ve earned a lot in either the original Joe Danger, Braid, Trials HD, Trials Evolution, LIMBO, ‘Splosion Man, or Ms. ‘Splosion Man and have checked to make sure your level is marked as experienced in at least one of them, you’re set

I was a bit iffy about this until I saw Major Nelson’s Tweet about it, and the app didn’t cause any of my anti-virus programs to pop-up with a warning, so it seems like a safe way to earn a free copy of what should be an outstanding XBLA release.