Take a Look At the Newly Revamped ‘Fuse’

Electronic Arts and Insomniac Games present the very first gameplay trailer for Fuse, their four-player cooperative third-person shooter, formally known as Overstrike. Based on the trailer, Fuse looks like a more chaotic Army of Two, but something about it feels off. It no longer has that charming and wild cartoon style to it and, at least so far, looks like just another shooter. The art direction will grounded more in reality with an arsenal of weaponry that has its share of unique characteristics, something we’ve come to expect from Insomniac Games. Fun gadgets, over sized bosses and four-player cooperative play; what more can you ask for?

Fill the roles of Overstrike 9, who are tasked in retrieving a stolen alien energy force called Fuse, when it is released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in March of 2013.