Back to School Indie Royale Bundle is in Session

It’s a new day, and that apparently means bundle-mania’s running wild. For about $5.50 right now, you can get Swords and Soldiers, Lunar Flight, Bunny Must Die! (an exclusive release for this bundle), Sequence, Flying Red Barrel, Qlione, and Cute Things Dying Violently.  Extras include the Super Spicy Sausage Fest DLC for S&S, and the OST for CTDV. If you spend $8 or more, you’ll get minusbaby’s BIAS chiptune album. The first and last games listed have gotten rave reviews, Lunar Flight appears to be a serene space exploration game, while Bunny Must Die! looks like a really well-made action platformer. Sequence, an RPG-rhythm game hybrid with a long story mode and full voice-over narration, is unlike anything out there.

Flying Red Barrel returns the bundle to the traditional with its vertical-scrolling shoot-em-up style, while Qloine appears to be a bizarre shooter with a Geometry Wars-esque neon visual style, and interesting gameplay mechanics. Every game here seems worthy of at least a couple of bucks, and Bunny Must Die! would be an instant buy for me just based on the little preview video.