A Quick Understanding of CODcasting

You may have clicked around YouTube looking for cool videos from Call of Duty games. Things like glitches, someone getting 20 kills without dying, or players giving their advice for various maps. Traditionally dubbed “shoutcasting”, it becomes “CODcasting” when related to Call of Duty. But what is it exactly and how does it work?

Think of it as play-by-play like a sports commentator would deliver on TV. When online those who are conducting the CODcast have the unique perspective of viewing the entire match. It records a live match and can then be streamed or uploaded straight to YouTube from the console. CODcasters are allowed to look at a variety of things nobody else can see. They can switch between each player’s individual camera, view a map showing each player’s positions, and find out where flags areĀ  located — just to name a few. There is even a bit of customization of what viewers are allowed to see. This is used during tournaments, LAN events, or professional gaming leagues to prevent some features from being seen. Just like you can’t see a football coach’s playbook, you won’t be able to view enemy locations on the map. It’s a handy way to prevent forms of cheating.

The main purpose of CODcasting is to enhance the spectator experience. It allows viewers to actively engage with the gameplay instead of watching a video. Although many similar videos are available to view online complete with user comments and bragging rights, CODcasting can be used to create a better gaming experience for all. Maybe you want to study some of your opponent’s techniques and find places they like to hide, with CODcasting you can figure out all their dirty little tricks. With major league gaming events becoming more popular, this experience may give you the advantage should you choose to enter. Do you need to use it? Not at all. Will it come in handy? Probably. Is it fun? Definitely. Not everybody will use it, but it does give Call of Duty: Black Ops II some added entertainment when the game is released in November.