Nights HD Coming in the First Week of October

Fall’s going to be a great time for Sega-philes. Beyond Sonic Adventure 2 launching, the HD version of Nights hits on October 2nd for PSN and the 5th on XBLA. In a great bit of news, it will come with Christmas Nights, which still goes for ungodly prices on Ebay. It isn’t known if the original Saturn version will be included as well, but I guess the point of the HD revamp is to basically erase that one from memory, so I kind of doubt it will be. $10 for Nights and Christmas Nights is a heck of a deal without it, and as long as they fix the PS2 remake’s pop-in issues, it will easily be a must-buy for everyone who loved the original game. Even if you’ve just heard of it and haven’t played the game yet, a price that low should make it impossible to avoid buying it.