Retro Pocket Coming to eShop September 20th

UFO Interactive, the publisher responsible for DS games such as Johnny Kung-Fu, has today announced that Retro Pocket will be making its way to the eShop on September 20th. Playable on both DSi and 3DS, Retro Pocket is a modern-day throwback to the portable LCD/Game & Watch games that were all the rage in the ’80s (and ’90s thanks to those bastards at Tiger Electronics).

Eight different games are included in the package, each of which simulate black-and-white LCD screens with permanent color backdrops. Games include “Kung Fu Hero,” where you must save a damsel in distress from bottle-chucking baddies, “Egg Drop,” where you must catch eggs falling from trees from snakes and “Candy Factory,” which challenges players to catch candy off a conveyer belt. In true Game & Watch fashion, each title will be playable in a “Game A” and “Game B” mode, with “Game B” being a more challenging take on the game.

If handled correctly, Retro Pocket could certainly prove to be a nostalgic experience when released Thursday. Check out the official trailer and screenshots below: