Who needs Mario when there’s 3D Cartoon Land: Safari?

There’s three downsides of having an iPhone but not a 3DS. The first is no Pokémon, which was rectified last week. The second and third is no Mario or Zelda. We’re now one step closer to the trifecta with Walnut JZ’s 3D Cartoon Land: Safari. Down to the blue overalls, block-based levels, question mark boxes and flags, 3D: Cartoon Land pays a faithful “homage” to Mario. Perhaps the only department it bests Mario in is its name. “3D Cartoon Land” is absolutely genius, and using the subtitle “Safari” leaves room for many more adventures to come. Just check out the description, which puts the “Jiang Zhi” in “Walnut JZ”:

“Very simply yet very addicting,this unique game requires you to quickly jump over obstacles and collect coins.But you are not secure in this beautiful cartoon world.An angry tortoise could bite you.An easy and smooth control makes it very funny and to jump or run.”

The game features items, auto saving, Retina display support, and perhaps more important of all, suitability for both young and old. We’re not sure how faithful the gameplay is, but at just $0.99, it’s certainly worth a try. Make sure to snag it fast, as it’s sure to soon be removed from the App Store and never heard from again (unless you visit the official site, which has some pretty serious copyright violation). The retroactive removing of these clones really make us wonder about the integrity of Apple’s screening process. Oh well, more Mario for us.

Check out some screenshots below: