Humble Bundle 6 Launched

It’s been a long time coming, but the latest Humble Bundle is now available. Pay what you want for Dustforce, Rochard, Shatter, SPAZ, Torchlight, Vessel, and snag OSTs for everything but Vessel in the process. You can customize your donations to EFF and Child’s Play, and buying early and beating the average price of $5 entitles you to any extras released that aren’t known yet. The game lineup seems very good overall. Dustforce is outstanding, and a very unique platformer, while Rochard is on PSN and an absolute must-buy due to its gameplay and surprisingly high amount of humor. Vessel looks like a crazy take on Pong, while Torchlight seems like a fun 3/4 overhead action RPG, and Vessel is a gorgeous puzzle platformer, and SPAZ is a space shooter with a physics-based twist. It’s definitely a great buy if you’re into puzzle platformers, and I’m always up for any bundle that throws in OSTs as well.