Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch Heading to iOS This Week

Lunar: Silver Star has already made its way to the PS1, PSP and GBA, so why not iPhones? Game Arts is bringing the classic RPG, now dubbed “Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch”, to iOS sometime later this week. While it will ignore the PSP updating and remains the same game as before, it may be worth buying simply for the fact that it’s Lunar on the go.

For those who’ve never experienced the game, it’s set on the world of Lunar where Dragonmaster Dyne long ago defended the goddess Althena from evil. Years later, Lunar is threatened again by the Magic Emperor, so players must take up the role as the young Alex to become a Dragonmaster and defeat the threat at hand. It’s a rather touching story that features some beautiful music and locales.

No exact date or price has been announced, but check back as we’ll be sure to update you when it becomes available. Head over to the (very barebones) official site for more.

Check out some (early) screenshots below: