New Playstation 3 Models Incoming

Rumored for quite some time now, Sony has unveiled a brand new Playstation 3 model set to be released within the next couple of weeks. Announced at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference this evening (or afternoon in Japan), three regions of the world will be receiving a smaller and sleeker redesign of the powerful console. Said to be 20% smaller in size and 25% lighter in weight, the Playstation 3 Slimmer will be an improved system for newcomers of the brand. With the new system design comes a new price tag that some would consider a slight increase in value due to the increased storage size:

North America
1. $249 – 250GB – September 25th
2. $269 – 250GB (bundled) – September 25th
2. $299 – 500GB – October 30th

1. ¥24,900 – 250GB – October 4th
2. ¥29,800 – 500GB – October 4th

1.  €299 – 500GB – September 28th
2. €229 – 12GB of flash memory – October 12th

For thirty more dollars, it’s a fair price for double the space in North America, but $60 in Japan is a little much. Plus, do we really need that much space?