Keiji Inafune Is Back in the Game with Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

In collaboration with Team Ninja, Comcept (Keiji Infanue’s team) and Spark Unlimited, the developers behind Lost Planet 3 and Legendary, comes a brand new addition into the Ninja Gaiden universe. This will be a much darker Ninja Gaiden title that involves the undead, ninjas and cel-shading visuals. The story revolves around a ninja named Yaiba who is seeking vengeance on Ryu Hayabusa for some unknown reason.

It’s good to see Keiji Inafune working on a console project once again after his freighting announcement that he’d be mainly working on mobile games. Unfortunately, with Spark Unlimited’s track record and Team Ninja’s last Ninja Gaiden game being a disappointment, it makes us worried about how the game will turn out. Regardless, the game will be out sometime in the near future on undetermined console platforms.