IndieGala 9 Bundle Now Available

If you love Worms (the series, not the ailment), then this is a bundle you’ll be interested in… unless you own the games on Steam already. Pay what you want for Battlegroup and Call of Cthulhu on Android, Worms and Alien Breed 2 on Steam. If you pay more than $5.50 presently, you’ll also get Broken Sword 1, 2, and 3 along with Worms Blast and Worms Crazy Golf. Everything but the Android games is redeemable on Steam. Paying more than the average also gets you two bonus games that unlock on Steam in the coming weeks and three more bonuses that aren’t known yet. They could be OSTs or perhaps even bonus games. Money spent on the bundle helps out Emilia earthquake victims and supports AbleGamers as well. As someone who hasn’t really given the Worms series much of a chance, I’m definitely going to buy this and give that beloved series the time it deserves.