Just When You Thought it was Safe…

…to go back to Banoi; you were wrong. Dead Island: Riptide is an upcoming sequel to Dead Island. The events that take place occur directly after the first game’s ending scenes. The main characters were safe for awhile aboard a military ship until a violent storm spreads the virus out to sea and infects the ship’s crew.

The game will feature new characters and even a special mystery guy. Meeting a tall, dark stranger on a tropical paradise? Sign me up. Players will even be allowed to use their character progression from the first game. Additionally, Zombies have been given an extreme overhaul, with new mutations including a grenade-throwing zombie. More enemies will appear on screen at one time. Enemy respawn has been given a makeover as well; the amount of enemies reappearing in a cleared area will be adjusted and factor into missions, the character’s condition, and group play. The island has new weather effects on the player. Heavier rain and darker skies prevent you from seeing far ahead. The only way to travel across islands is by boat and the zombies will even try to pull you down. With all the new additions, Riptide is sure to prove more entertaining than its predecessor. 

Dead Island: Riptide will be released in 2013, giving you just enough time to reroute your vacation away from Banoi. Check out this recently uploaded sweet and romantic trailer. Isn’t love wonderful?