Seriously; Why Aren’t We Getting E.X. Troopers?

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Capcom has shown off a brand new trailer for their upcoming Lost Planet spin-off, E.X. Troopers. Having seen this trailer and some gameplay footage from the show floor, the first thing that popped into my mind is, why on Earth is this not making it out of Japan? This could quite possibly be the best Lost Planet game to date, yet it’ll be exclusively available to the Japanese (at least for now). While I can understand that the anime-style and catchy Japanese pop music may not sell as well as guns and death here in America, it’s a shame such a title might be forgotten in video game history. Now I just have to brush up on my Japanese.

E.X. Troopers will be available for the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation 3 on November 22nd in Japan.