Border Break Coming to iOS

Border Break has to be one of the most successful Japanese games that most stateside gamers have no idea exists. Released in arcades three years ago, the game has sold over 3,000 cabs and grossed over ¥8.1 billion ($100 million USD). Perhaps it’s because we tend to ignore foreign games we can’t import, but there hasn’t been much excitement over the game outside of its native country.

That could change when Border Break is ported to iOS. Dubbed “Border Break Mobile: Front Gun Gale”, the game looks surprisingly similar to its arcade counterpart. A trailer was released, or rather, shown on a pillar at TGS confirming the release. While in Japanese and kinda fuzzy, it’s impossible for this editor to scope out any new features. Thankfully, though, yon’t need to know Japanese to appreciate strong graphics. Check out the trailer below.

While U.S. awareness might increase, there’s probably a slim chance this gets localized, as Japanese Giant Mech games in America seem to be about as popular as a snake in a sleeping bag.