Watch: Pump it Up Infinity Trailer

Andamiro has released a new trailer for the latest Pump it Up, Pump it Up Infinity. The trailer goes through a selection of tracks at speeds you’ll never, ever reach. With over 30 new songs and 200 from previous releases, the game looks to have the most impressive soundtrack yet.

The “Hardcore Pawn” of dance games, PIU has always played second fiddle to DDR. While the fundamentals were the same, the controller was *just* different enough to avoid infringement — and transferal of DDR skill. As much as I wanted to during my dance game days, I could never get the hang of PIU; when I did, I had to relearn DDR patterns.

Given that Konami has basically abadoned all U.S. DDR arcade support, though, PIU could finally prove the best dance option when released October 20th.