Mark of the Ninja Heads to Steam October 16th

While limited to the Xbox 360, Klei’s recently released downloadable title made a huge splash last month, offering some of the most enjoyable stealth action gameplay ever created. Fortunately for PC gamers, the company isn’t staying fully exclusive to the console as Mark of the Ninja will be released through Steam on October 16th. No specifics were given on any platform exclusives or additions, but the game will be valued at the standard $14.99 (which is a steal of a price).

Unfortunately for PS3 owners, the game has yet to be confirmed for Sony’s system, and considering how Microsoft published the game on the Xbox 360, don’t expect it anytime soon. Even though we never officially posted a review for Mark of the Ninja, trust me when I say it’s arguably the best game the year so far. Get ready to break out your katana and kunai, if you haven’t already.