PlayStation All-Stars To Prove the Joys of Cross Buy

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be one of the first games available under Sony’s Cross Buy program. What this means is you will be able to buy the game for the PlayStation 3 and receive a Vita version for no extra cost. You’ll be getting two games, albeit the same, for one price. What better way to showcase the Cross-Buy experience than with PlayStation All-Stars?

If you own a Vita and PS3, you’ll have no reason to stop playing All-Stars. You can play while sitting at home or sitting on a bus and nothing will seem any different. It’s like your television and PS3 just got stuffed into your pocket and when you pull them out a Vita appears. One great advantage to having this portability is the multiplayer aspect. Maybe you’re at a friend’s house with some buds and there are only two controllers but three of you. No problem, just whip out your Vita (and copy of All-Stars) and you’ve got your own controller right there. Or maybe you’ve been caught in this situation: you and your friends are all having a good time when suddenly that chimichanga you ate for lunch is catching up to you. Instead of missing out on the action while sitting on the toilet, you’ll be able to keep playing.

In addition to on-the-go gaming, All-Stars does not lack in other departments. Graphics are generally iffy when it comes to handheld devices but you can hardly tell the difference with this one. Since this is a fighting game, the beautifully flowing quality must be preserved. The game will be running at a lightning-fast 60 frames-per-second giving it that console feel. As its a game available to play on both a handheld device and home console, one would think the controls should act a little off. It has been said that there will be no noticeable difference between the two. There is no network lag or input lag — it will have the same responsiveness as PS3. As has been said before, the Vita version will run exactly like the console, just tinier.

When PlayStation All-Stars is released in November, it should prove worthy of a purchase for anyone with both a Vita and PS3. It should also cut back on kids daydreaming in class about playing video games as they’ll now be able to get their fix while sitting in the classroom.

Disclaimer: Hardcore Gamer does not condone children playing video games in class (but we won’t stop you).