Check Out Far Cry 3’s Psychopaths

Vaas certainly is one crazy mofo, but he isn’t the only psychopath on the Rook Islands. Ubisoft has released a new trailer detailing the two local savages: Vaas and Buck. If you’ve been following Far Cry 3 since it was announced, you’ve probably become quite acquainted with Vaas as a sick sadistic man. Cinder blocks, gasoline and bullets all come in his résumé. Buck on the other hand, is a brand new character who, maybe not as twisted as Vaas, is just as psychotic and has a focus on knives.

Both are very different in their approaches and look to be strong antagonists in Far Cry 3. Citra also makes an appearance but seems a lot more clothed than she was at E3 this year. Far Cry 3 ships December 4th in North America and November 30th in the United Kingdom.