Mass Effect Trilogy Coming Nov. 6 For 360 and PC — PS3 at a Later Date

If you haven’t played any of the Mass Effect games, EA may just have the perfect package for you. $60 gets you all three games spread across five discs in some sleek packaging. The set is due for release on November 6th to give folks a whole day to enjoy it and then take part in what EA’s dubbing N7 day 24 hours later – a worldwide celebration of the series. One would presume that you provide your own party favors, although I doubt a radial menu will be available for them.

The biggest surprises of the announcement may be that the first entry, previously a 360-exclusive due to Microsoft publishing it, will be coming to the PS3 on both PSN as a standalone game with trophy support, and will be made available in the trilogy set as well. No release date was announced for this, and I would guess that’s due to some legal issue between EA and MS preventing that announcement from being made right now.