Best Buy Sells Max Payne 3 for $20 Today Only

Thanks to Best Buy’s new Tweet to Complete deals, where if a deal reaches X amount of retweets, a certain deal is made available, EVERY VERSION OF MAX PAYNE 3 IS $20 on 9/28. Sadly, this offer isn’t available for shipping, but store pickup is available. As a nice bonus, the game’s guide is only $5, allowing you to snag the whole thing for a hair over $26 total when you order it online. MP3 has received largely rave reviews, and certainly seems worth $20 for even casual fans of either the series or the genre. If you just got the new PS3 with Uncharted 3 and are looking for a new third-person shooter to satisfy your bloodlust, you could do far worse than this. 360 owners may be interested in getting three months of Xbox Live for $20 instead of $25 as another one of today’s deals as well.