Microsoft Announces Achievement Point Rewards

For nearly seven years, Xbox 360 owners have been inflating their gamerscores with nothing tangible to show for it. Now, that’s about to change thanks to the new MyAchievement system. If you join Xbox Live Rewards, you are now eligible for a variety of bonuses depending on your gamerscore. 3000 to 9999 points gets you a special gift during your birthday month. The fine print on MS’s site reveals this gift has an approximate value of a quarter, so I would expect that to be some kind of MS point code — like the kind you get from Bing rewards. If you’ve got 10,000 to 24,9999 points, you’ll not only get that gift, but a 1% rebate on XBLM purchases, and those with 25,000 and above, which really shouldn’t be that difficult to attain if you’ve got 24,999 points already, get a 2% rebate on their XBLM purchases.