Midnight NBA 2K13 Launch Draws Massive Crowds

I was driving home at 11:30 PM last night when a huge crowd of people caught my attention in front of GameStop. I decided to pull over to see what all the fuss was about. Surely, Resident Evil 6 couldn’t have this much demand, could it? After walking by the line of at least 50 people, the large amount of basketball caps and cargo pants made apparent it wasn’t the mediocrity of the latest survival horror action game drawing them in; it was NBA 2K13.

While the NBA2K series surely sells boatloads of copies, never before have I been witness to it drawing in rabid fans by the carload at midnight. This was a Madden-sized turnout — if not bigger. Sure it was a fluke, I diverted my route home to pass another GameStop with the same results. Not wanting to arouse suspicion┬átaking pictures of crowds, I headed home to tell the internets of the crazy NBA 2K13 turnout, when I soon found similar reports pouring out.

“NBA 2K13 Midnight Launch” was trending on twitter, with thousands of people tweeting pics and updates about standing in line for the game. Whether this was a word-of-mouth fluke that exploded into flash mob-like numbers is unclear, but when an NBA game can steal the thunder away from one of the most recognizable gaming franchises, you know the times are a-changin’.

Quite a bit of pics were shared via NeoGaf, which we’ve posted a handful of below. Imagine that at nearly every GameStop in America.