George Washington Turns Evil in ACIII DLC

Because we all know everyone loves those season passes, Ubisoft has revealed their plans for releasing downloadable content that you can pre-purchase right now. Available through Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Digital PC vendors and Gamestop, the season pass will run gamers back $29.99 and include five pieces of DLC when available. This will be 25% savings in comparison to individual pricing (which, if my math is correct, will be priced at $8 each) and will feature story-specific missions.

The first mission set will be titled “The Tyranny of King Washington,” featuring an alternate universe where George Washington is actually an evil dictator who, instead of establishing a democracy upon The United States of America, declares himself the king and rules over everyone. It’s a rather fun and interesting idea for downloadable content, something we haven’t come to expect from past Assassin’s Creed games. It’s good to see a story that’s actually complete and won’t rely on downloadable content to fill in any gaps.