Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Gets Full HD Treatment

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be hitting store shelves on December 10th in Japan and sometime in March of 2013 here in the West, but Capcom isn’t just slouching around when it comes to bringing one of their biggest franchises to the HD era. The Japanese giant has revealed more details about the Wii U game, mainly consisting of technical specs on how good it will look and run. The game will take advantage of the Wii U’sĀ capabilitiesĀ and run natively at 1080p and features high quality PCM 5.1 surround sound. Sorry, but you won’t see 7.1 here.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will also feature online multiplayer and is able to connect with the 3DS version, along with sharing a save file, Transfarring style. Considering this is just a fancier Monter Hunter Tri game from the Wii-era, you’d hope a framerate of 60FPS would be a must considering PS2 HD ports on the Playstation 3 featured very similar technical capabilities. Regardless, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will most likely be the pinnacle game in the franchise.