How to Properly Manage a Small City in SimCity

Hardcore Gamer’s Strategy Game of E3 2012 is still four months away from release, but we still haven’t seen much gameplay outside a couple of locked doors. Maxis has decided to showcase nine-minutes of gameplay from the upcoming SimCity title to the public, demonstrating the talent that’s needed in order to build a fully functional and economically booming city. When I say that, I mean a very small town as SimCity will feature a whole slew of options that will be reliant on your quick thinking and proper management. Obviously there will be a lot more to the game than just what’s shown here.

If it’s anything like past iterations, SimCity will be one of the deepest and thought provoking games this generation that really tests your moral ability. Do you sacrifice the environment and well being for efficiency and money, or do you keep the city environmentally friendly while taking a hit in other sectors? It’s a big game that’ll keep players busy and frantically trying to assess situations. SimCity will be out sometime in February of next year and will be exclusive to Windows PC.