Resistance Collection Coming This Winter

Those who missed out on the PS3’s most beloved exclusive FPS series will be able to catch up quickly in a few months when the Resistance Collection launches. It will come with all three games plus what is being called “the best DLC”, namely the Aftermath and skin bundle pack for Resistance 2, and the Brutality and Suvival packs from Resistance 3 for a mere $40.

It’s a nice touch that the collection is hitting in winter and the cover art is draped in snow. It’s a shame it’s got a massive gold circle on it because otherwise, that would be a really gorgeous cover. Thankfully, all of the PlayStation Collection releases so far have had reversible art, so maybe that same image will be included without all the clutter. Sadly, these things are also known for putting some of the main content on one-time vouchers, so letting a friend borrow one of these games to try out the series may not be possible. Hopefully they just stick with leaving the DLC as a voucher and including all of the games on discs.