Watch: Adorable New Paper Mario: Sticker Star Trailer

Mario is having a big year. Not only was New Super Mario Bros. 2 used to launch the 3DS XL and NSMB U primed to bolster the Wii U launch, but Paper Mario: Sticker Star is poised to be a huge seller (if not killer app) for the handheld console this holiday season. Set out to prove the title won’t be pushed to next year like that mansion game with Mario’s brother, Nintendo has released a new trailer today highlighting various areas and gameplay of the RPG. Plus, a bridge out of Toads is made. So there’s that.

While the title has certainly changed since the last two games, an uncanny sense of whimsy remains that reminds you of the Mario of old. Plus, unlike the last 3DS mario game, it’s actually in 3D. Sorta.

Check out the trailer and some screens below: