Be Mine 5 Bundle Available – Includes Stranger’s Wrath HD

For $5, you can get King’s Bounty: The Legend, NEO Scavenger, X-Blades, Tropico 3, The Sixth Gun VI, and Stranger’s Wrath HD. You’ll also get two graphic novels in the form of Sharknife: Stage First and Wasteland V. Over the next few days, bonus goals will be announced, including five indie albums on the sixth, and a bonus game on the 8th. Stranger’s Wrath HD alone makes this a must-buy for $5, while X-Blades looks like a fun hack and slash game, and Tropico 3 got very good reviews and seems like a must-play for strategy fans. I don’t have much interest in much of the stuff included, but will definitely buy it for Stranger’s Wrath¬† HD, and will probably try out X-Blades and Tropico 2.